We are thrilled to announce Ascent360's latest customer: Angel Fire Resort! The four-seasons resort plans to use our platform’s targeted marketing capabilities to reach new and existing customers to drive year-round visitation. Continue reading to learn all about how Angel Fire Resort plans to increase customer visitation by utilizing Ascent360's proven customer database platform (CDP).

About Angel Fire Resort

Starting as a small ski facility in 1966, Angel Fire has grown into an 18,450-acre, four-seasons resort for families, individuals and groups, located just 25 minutes from Taos in the Rocky Mountains. Beyond skiing, outdoor recreation includes snowmobiling, golf, watersports, tennis, hunting, horseback riding and mountain biking.

Angel Fire Resort | Ascent360

This unique destination is both a resort and residential neighborhood, offering memberships with full access to Resort amenities and activities for owners who purchase condos, homes or land within the property. Angel Fire Resort also attracts vacationers with 139 hotel rooms and suites; ski and snowboard schools; and a conference center.


"Our resort has engaged Ascent360 to help us identify and target high-value customers that utilize these products through personalized marketing."

- Greg Ralph, Sales & Marketing Director at Angel Fire Resort


Why Ascent360

Angel Fire Resort plans to target current and potential customers using Ascent360’s trusted, automated marketing campaigns. The CDP will aggregate data from the Resort’s sales systems then use this information to build rich customer profiles that enable segmentation based on characteristics such as customer interests, past purchases and prior stays. The Resort plans to use the CDP to send personalized marketing messages to these valuable customers and drive future business. 

The platform can also target vacationers and short-term guests to send personalized offers for lodging and activities, using the same robust profile data to segment these guests based on preferences or demographic data, such as past activities, prior stays, geographic location and family size.


“Recognizing customers as individuals and providing thoughtful service is key in today’s changing market. This data driven marketing approach will make it easy for Angel Fire Resort to segment high-value customers, engage them through targeted offers and start seeing results faster.”

- Scott Buelter, CEO at Ascent360


How Ascent360 Supports Resorts Like Angel Fire

Our goal is to help our resort customers recognize increased sales and profits  quickly with Ascent360’s solution for the four season customer. We're proud to help resorts like Angel Fire get all the data they need in one place to power customer segmentation and engagement. Our solution supports resorts by:

  • Effectively segmenting and validating your disparate customer data.
  • Delivering tailored, triggered offers to your customers right when they’re most likely to engage.
  • Offering activities unique to your property pre-arrival.

Now more than ever your customers are craving authentic engagement. You likely have other amenities that your customers would like to hear about such as spa, golf and other leisure activities unique to your property. If you aren’t talking to those customers individually you are missing out and risk losing their repeat business. If you're ready to start increasing your revenue with easier customer segmentation and engagement, request a product demo here

We are proud to serve Angel Fire Resort as they plan to increase visitation across new and current customers. To learn more about our partnership, read the full press release by clicking the button below. 

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