Creating a prospect conversion journey can be quite simple, but only if you’re using the right marketing tool. Most email service providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact don't put an emphasis on data and therefore limit what you can do with it. While other tools allow you to add a single subscriber to an audience, they don’t provide any additional information about who your customers or prospects are. As a result, you end up sending blanketed emails or newsletters without understanding where they are in the conversion journey. Are they a first-time shopper or a returning VIP customer? Knowing and using these data points can be (and often times are) the difference between a sale lost and a sale made.

Why using the right tool matters

With the right data driven marketing tool, not only can you collect email addresses to add to your database, but you can get one-to-one matching to see any point of sale or eCommerce transactions associated with an individual visiting your website or eCommerce store. For instance, if someone signs up via a form on your website or social media, you can instantly distinguish whether they are a returning customer, a new customer, or a prospect based on their transaction history. With that information, you then know what type of email to send them.

This one-to-one matching capability gives you more insight into who is signing up for your emails and how to communicate with them, as opposed to grouping everyone into one impersonal, generic audience.

Say that someone signed up 10 days ago and you can see that they still haven’t made a purchase, but they have visited you before (whether online or in-store) — from there, you might send them a one-time email with a unique promo code, or perhaps set up a recurring campaign that includes a welcome email followed by a discount code a week later. This keeps your store top-of-mind while also encouraging them to make their first purchase. Additionally, emails that offer exclusive access to upcoming sales or new product launches would be better suited for your VIP and returning customers.

These emails can also be automated so that when someone signs up, they are guaranteed to receive the right message at the right time using the data that already exists in your POS and eCommerce systems.

Build the prospect conversion journey with Ascent360

Unlike the other guys, Ascent360’s marketing automation platform is specifically designed to do all this while saving you time (no more having to manually export spreadsheets to see all your data.) With Ascent360, you can customize your sign-up forms, build customer segments with that information using our sophisticated audience builder and set up personalized email automations so you never miss the opportunity to communicate with a customer or convert a prospect. And because we seamlessly connect with over 100 POS and eCommerce systems, our data hygiene engine will show you who is already in your system and what type of customer they are, empowering you to send the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Start sending segmented, automated campaigns to your customers and prospects today! Sign up for the tool that puts data first and does what the other guys can't! Give it a try risk-free for 30 days.

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