When it comes to driving revenue from email campaigns, jewelry retailers face some tough, shared challenges across the industry. Many jewelers are pressed on time, can’t easily segment customers based on their purchase behavior, and it’s difficult to understand your highest value customers. 

Until now.

To drive revenue, jewelry retailers need to ensure they are segmenting their buyers the right way and sending targeted offers that resonate with each segment. For instance, jewelers should target timepiece customers differently than wedding band purchases. You need a better way to segment and a better way to engage your customers. 

In this article we dive into Ascent360’s solution that is tailor-made for jewelry retailers: Flash360. Learn the four reasons why you should use Flash360 to solve your marketing challenges. 

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1. Understand your customers in a whole new way

Flash360 allows jewelry retailer marketers to understand your customers on a one-on-one level through a centralized platform utilizing advanced segmentation. If you’re working with multiple systems to run your business, such as a point of sale and email, no need to worry. Ascent360 can combine and integrate multiple customer data sources into a single view. 

Understanding your customers on a deeper level starts with getting all of their data into one place. As part of the data integration process, we fill in gaps and can even augment missing information and enhance and grow your customer database. As every retailer knows, more prospects and customers = more revenue.

Did you know that 20% of your jewelry customers typically account for 80% of revenue? But which 20%? Ascent360 helps you determine the correct 20%. Segmentation is the key to controlling costs and increasing lifetime value. With Flash360, you gain full insight to changing customer desires, demands and preferences so you can confidently set and adjust marketing spend.

With our solution for jewelry retailers you can: 

  • Identify your high value customers
  • Assign key sub-segments - i.e. gender and life milestones like recent engagement
  • Easily build and automate segments for tailored campaigns

2. Send messages that matter 

With advanced segmentation you gain a better understanding of your customers, the ability to group them into meaningful segments, and know their buying preferences. Once you have that nailed down, it’s time to send your customers the right message at the right time. 

Gone are the days of “spray and pray” messaging. Simply sending blast emails into the abyss, fingers crossed that they’ll hit the right inbox, no longer works for today’s jewelry buyer. Ascent360 connects you to your buyers so they can shop for their special occasion faster and with ease through personalized, automated messaging.

As a busy retail marketer looking to sell more jewelry, it can be difficult to find the time to craft tailored messaging for your highest value customers vs repeat purchases vs first time buyers. To save you time, Flash360 gives you access to a library of proven, automated marketing campaigns built specific for jewelry retailers. With our campaigns you can send personalized, relevant, and timely messages to the right customer segments. For example, to your recently engaged segment, you can send a tailored email campaign focused on wedding band options. 

3. Get more engaged buyers  

Most premier jewelry retailers are seeking to grow their businesses with limited resources. This makes it challenging to engage your customers like they are actually customers. 

Ascent360’s data shows that 80% of engagement ring buyers end up buying their wedding bands from a different jeweler. This leads us to ask, are they tailoring offers to recent engagement ring purchases to encourage them to purchase their wedding bands from the same retailer? 

of your engagement ring purchasers will not buy wedding bands from your jewelry store

Your customers are craving authentic connection with the brands they interact with more than ever. Especially when they make high dollar value purchases. Jewelry retailers just like you are getting more engagement with their customers with Flash360. In just weeks, Flash360 takes a fine-tooth comb to your customer data, cleaning and cutting records from retail to e-commerce to in-store, enabling your marketing team to understand your buyers.

4. ROI in a flash 

Achieving a return on your investment is crucial to the success and longevity of your business. With Flash360, retail marketing teams are seeing up to 5-10x ROI. 

How are these retailers able to pull this off? They use Flash360’s proven, automated marketing campaigns that are designed to drive immediate sales. The platform enables you by: 

  • Effectively segmenting and cleansing your disparate customer data
  • Delivering tailored, triggered offers to your customers right when they’re most likely to engage
  • Providing unique customer experiences resulting in automated sales and increased profits

Not only can you get an awesome ROI, but you can measure your success all from Flash360. The Ascent360 platform sits at the center of your sales and marketing ecosystem. Our platform tracks revenue, attributing sales to your campaigns so you can identify the effectiveness of your efforts and see which campaigns drive the most value. 

If you are a retail marketer looking for a better solution to segment your buyers, send targeted campaigns, and increase revenue, request a demo here. We would love to show you our all-in-one marketing platform. 

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