At Ascent360, our vision is to bring affordable, human-centric data driven marketing to retailers, resorts, and brands of all sizes. Our platform helps you understand your customer base, grow your business, and create authentic lifelong relationships. It’s important to have an all-in-one marketing tool that allows you to easily manage (and cleanse) your customer data, build segments, and create personalized automations. Without those features, you lose the ability to truly meet your customers where they are and make a long-lasting, meaningful impression. Below, we’ve assembled a detailed comparison between Ascent360 and the "other guys" to help you make an informed decision based on  your company's needs.

Ascent360 Differentiators

Ascent360 shares some similarities with other email tools such as the ability to segment your customers based on identifying information and behavior, integrate with a range of other systems like Springer Miller Systems, Shopify, and InnQuest, and create dynamic campaigns with a drag-and-drop email builder. However, there are several features that set Ascent360 apart from the other platforms out there.

1. Using a sophisticated data hygiene engine to create "Golden Records"
This hygiene engine matches, de-dupes, and enhances your data providing you with a clean, unified view of your customers and prospects. After combining and cleansing your contacts, Ascent360 enriches them with elements such as gender and geographic location.
2. Easy email list management
Ascent360 aggregates all your contacts and their data into one holistic list for easier segmenting and campaign management. With other email tools, lists are siloed, meaning you can’t manage across lists unless you manually create a single one. Ascent360 helps you break down those data silos and create a comprehensive dashboard of valuable customer information.
3. Flexible pricing options for businesses of all sizes

While other tools offer package options for different needs, their standard plans typically lack advanced segmentation tools for complex eCommerce needs. Meanwhile, Ascent360's competitive pricing starts at just $10 per month (based on record count.)

4. Advanced yet easy to use audience segmentation

Ascent360’s platform allows you to create endless customer segments that are directly targeted to specific groups in your audience. For example, some of the most high-impact segments include your VIP customers (those who buy frequently and spend the most), lapsed customers, and those who have just made a purchase. Once you have your segments built, you can use ready-to-send templates to create personalized messages that contain dynamic content fit for every segment.

"The Ascent360 Audience Builder is far MORE simple and easy to use. Specifically with the way you can pull in multiple values within one field of the same audience where with other tools, you have to create a separate audience for each one and then combine them all."

– Ascent360 Ski Resort Client

5. Omnichannel marketing

In order to truly meet your customers where they are, it’s important to have the ability to reach them across all channels. Ascent360 allows you to market to your customers via email marketing, social media, direct mail, mobile and more. Depending on the customer and campaign, Ascent360 helps you identify your customers’ preferred channels and easily design and automate campaigns that encourage repeat purchases and builds brand loyalty.

Tired of using an average marketing tool that results in you having to do more work? Learn how the Ascent360  Customer Data and Relationship Management Platform streamlines your marketing and makes it easy to send your customers hyper-targeted, automated campaigns across multiple channels. Request a custom demo today.

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