Recently, Scott Buelter, CEO at Ascent360, sat down with our partners from Lightspeed and Sync2Sell to discuss how combining the capabilities of eCommerce and point-of-sale data, syncing to online marketplaces, and using aggregated customer data to segment and more effectively market to customers is the three-step workhorse of growing your retail business.

If you are currently selling in online marketplaces but managing them manually, you’ll want to consider upgrading your tech stack using the combined power of these tools.

How  it works

Many retailers can relate to working with a clunky POS system that is holding them back from better connections with customers and control over inventory. The first leg of this three-tool tech stack is upgrading to Lightspeed, which provides full integration of eCommerce and allows you to seamlessly sell in brick and mortar and online at the same time. The program covers all verticals of retail that have some form of inventory and has hundreds of integrations for providing payments, accounting, time clocks, ERPs, and much more. These attributes make it easier for businesses to simplify complex operations, scale and grow by expanding to new channels, and exceed customer expectations.

The second leg comes in when you integrate your Lightspeed data with Sync2Sell, which allows you to connect your Lightspeed inventory to any marketplace of your choice (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay). By syncing your product information to these marketplaces, you reach more people online, find better ways to get more items listed, and then sync the orders back into your Lightspeed account. Additionally, you can manage all your marketplaces within the program, so you don’t need to manually manage each one separately. You also have access to a real-time look at any errors your marketplaces are giving you for your inventory, such as missing information, photos, etc. and bulk edit them in the program. Sync2Sell essentially enhances your Lightspeed data and helps you reach more customers.

Once you have a comprehensive eCommerce platform and you’ve pushed that data to third party marketplaces, how do you market to your customers? Simply put, the “batch and blast” marketing method doesn’t work anymore because the messages are not well tied to the individual customer. The third leg of this tech stack approach is using Ascent360’s data driven marketing platform to merge your Lightspeed eCommerce and POS data to gain customer insights like demographics, purchase history, shopping behavior, etc. These are called your “known” customers, and once you’ve identified their unique needs and interaction behavior, you can break them into targeted segments, create highly personalized messages, and automate proven campaigns that speak to them directly.

The trifecta effect

By fully integrating these comprehensive tools with one another, you’ll quickly see engagement improve, sales rise, and data management become easier. You will be able to simplify and better manage POS and eCommerce transactions to scale and grow, sync data to online marketplaces to reach more customers and improve listings, and increase customer retention and sales with personalized messaging. To dive deeper into the innerworkings of these three specialty tools, watch our webinar Revitalize Your Marketing, Grow Your Business featuring Ascent360, Sync2Sell, and Lightspeed experts.

See for yourself what having a best-in-class tech stack can do for your retail business!

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