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With a limited amount of time and resources, it is hard for companies to know which campaigns are the most critical to be launched first and how to use their data to set them up. In this playbook, we will talk through ten data-driven campaigns you should be running along with how to create them. While you are running fast, make sure you take a minute to pause and ensure you have the top campaigns ready to go!

Without Customer Data Platform (CDP) software, the type of data-driven campaigns and execution of these plays would likely not be possible. Combining your data into a single customer  database allows you to gain valuable insight into your customer data and execute highly targeted marketing strategies to customers and prospects leading to increased revenue. All companies have data, but it is what you do with it that makes the difference and sets you apart from your competition.

PLAY 1: Welcome Emails
PLAY 2: Birthday/Anniversary
PLAY 3: Post Purchase Survey
PLAY 4: Upsell/Cross-Sell
PLAY 5: Newsletter
PLAY 6: Unengaged Prospects & Customers
PLAY 7: Loyalty Programs
PLAY 8: High-Value Customers
PLAY 9: Omnichannel Campaigns
PLAY 10: Growing Your Database
BONUS: Look-A-Like Audiences

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