Advanced marketing in today’s environment comes down to having the data you need at your fingertips — but that is no longer just email addresses and contact information. While that information is important, businesses have access to more data which can be used to jumpstart their marketing, communicate with customers, and increase sales.

There are four core elements of data driven marketing that make it easy to understand and speak to every type of customer—from your most loyal to those who have only purchased once. This includes building a segmented audience, designing best-in-class emails, managing your campaigns, and advanced campaign reporting .

Element One: Building a Segmented Audience

Whether you’re using Shopify, Lightspeed, BigCommerce, or another system, you want to have an aggregated, clean view of all your data. You can’t start building audiences without first knowing your customers.

For instance, someone buys something from your store on a certain transaction date and you want to follow up with a post-purchase email. How many people are in this audience? How do you know when they made a purchase? How long have they been a customer? All that information makes a big difference when sending a sophisticated and personalized follow-up email.

A data driven marketing platform allows you to see all this in one comprehensive dashboard. You can also see website visits, their purchase history and frequency, and even what store they bought from if you have multiple locations. Once you have this information combined into a single holistic view, you can determine your most valuable campaigns, which can include:

  • Post-purchase — 50% of repeat purchases happen within 30 days
  • Upsell and cross-sell —Set up campaigns encouraging customers to buy complementary items
  • High value — 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers
  • Occasions and services — Set up automated reminders for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries

Element Two: Designing Best-In-Class Emails

Another driving value of a data driven marketing platform is the ability to craft beautiful emails that are personally curated for each of your audiences. With a sophisticated email editor, you can create emails from scratch with drag and drop elements, use pre-built, proven-to-perform templates designed with each of your audiences in mind, or save your own designs to use again in the future and simply adjust images, text, or calls to action.

Within the Ascent360 platform, you can also take advantage of “saved rows” which allows you to pick and choose from elements you’ve created in the past to build a new email, such as the menu, product section, hero image, etc. It also includes the ability to change certain design parameters specifically for mobile view, which is important considering that 72% of eCommerce transactions are done via a mobile device.

Element Three: Managing Your Campaigns

Managing campaigns is all about seeing every campaign you’ve created in one location, or what Ascent360 calls the Campaign Wizard. Within that tool, you can see your open and click metrics, track how much revenue has been generated by each campaign over time, and determine which of them you want to continue using or which ones need some extra attention. 

Say that you sent out an abandoned browse campaign to a chosen audience and it is performing very well. With that information, you may want to choose that same audience and create another email to go out seven or 10 days later to keep the funnel (and line of communication) open.

Element Four: Advanced Campaign Reporting

Analyzing and adjusting based on the campaign results you find is what sets you and your business up for success long-term. Are you engaging with your top 20% of customers differently than those who have only purchased once? (Hint: you should be!) Off-the-shelf reporting allows you to get a clear understanding of who your customers are, how to communicate with them and which emails are over or under-performing so you can adjust your strategy as needed.

The Ascent360 platform is so much more than just an email platform because in addition to making segmentation & automation easy for any skill level, it cleanses & enriches your data from multiple sources and systems, whether that’s email, Lightspeed, Shopify, etc. and when you have accurate and complete information about every customer, you can build more meaningful, long-lasting relationships with them.


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