Ski and four-season resorts have a distinctive set of systems and databases, transactions, and varying guest behavior to consider, meaning that resort marketers must tailor their campaigns to address very specific needs. Historically, resort data tends to be scattered and difficult to glean insights from considering the wide range of data being collected, whether that’s from pass purchases, lodging, dining, gear rentals, lessons, and so on.

Using a sophisticated yet simple tool like a Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows resort marketers to aggregate all their data into one platform, segment their guests based on behavior and purchase history, and automate highly personalized campaigns to reach the right audiences at the right time. These three high-impact campaigns are proven to produce higher engagement, increased sales, and long-term guest loyalty.

1) Pre-arrival campaigns

To help round out the guest experience before they even arrive at your resort, these emails are a fantastic strategy for gathering guest preferences or upselling for additional revenue. For example, guests who have already purchased lift tickets or gear rentals provide a perfect opportunity to offer hotel bookings with promo codes, further information on their upcoming trip such as where to park and where to eat, or details about how to schedule other ancillary activities, such as tubing or spa treatments. Providing your guests with an ultra-personalized experience will leave a notable impression on them.

2) Post-departure experience

Collecting the right guest data is crucial to the success of post-departure communications. It is important that you have enough contactable information for your guests and they have agreed to receive personalized communications. Once you have this data, post-departure surveys are a great way to receive guest feedback on the level of satisfaction with their stay, their experience with gear rentals or lessons, their on-mountain experience, and more. With the right CDP, you can also integrate the survey to assign NPS scores to each customer record. This allows you to address your guests 1-to-1 (at scale) which can ultimately lead to higher retention rates & satisfaction.

3) Abandoned browse 

Another valuable way to use the guest data you’ve gathered is to use web tracking pixels. For those that end a browsing session without adding to their cart, you can set up personalized, automated emails that encourage buyers to return to your site and make a purchase. One study found that browse abandon emails (i.e. behavioral segmentation) had an 80.9% higher open rate and 50.5% higher click through rate than traditional emails. Overall, 28.04% of browsers that open these emails will click through and return to the site because of their relevancy.

Browse abandonment emails have an 80.9% higher open rate and 50.5% higher click through rate than traditional emails, while currently 28.04% of all browsers that open these emails will click through and return to the site.

– SaleCycle, 2022

How Ascent360 can help

In order to make these high-impact campaigns work for your resort, it’s important to have the right tool. Ascent360’s CDP ingests the data from all your resort systems, cleanses and enriches it to create crystal-clear customer records, and allows you to send hyper-personalized automations to your unique guest segments based on their behavior and purchase history. This type of direct omni-channel marketing gives you the power to build lifelong, authentic relationships with your guests, increase revenue, and create a personal, more enriching experience for them.



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