Black Friday, Cyber Monday Best Practices

Two of the most important holiday shopping days of the year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. People are looking for a great deal and often perusing both your site and your competitors to weigh the best deal. At this time of the year, loyalty tends to go out the window. People want to take advantage of a good deal no matter what the company.

Black Friday focuses on in-store deals, while Cyber Monday focuses on e-commerce. The hysteria and madness around the two holidays leading up to Christmas is a great way to generate more revenue and obtain new customers looking for the “deal of a lifetime.” Having great sales on these two days can make up most of your yearly sales.

As you know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving with Cyber Monday kicking off the Monday after that. Even though Black Friday officially starts Friday, many companies are moving to starting their deals on Thanksgiving Day, opening up their stores later that night, and continuing the Black Friday sale for the entire weekend. Cyber Monday has been on that same trend as well with Cyber Monday sometimes lasting that entire week. Reaching the most people possible on these days will only help to increase your revenue. Look to all marketing channels such as email, social, and direct mail to make sure you are reaching all possible touch points.

Consider Lookalike Audiences

Creating look-a-like audiences can help you also reach potential prospects as well as talking to your current database. if you already know who your best customers are, why not create a segment to target with elements that mirror these best customers? Within Facebook, Google, Instagram and other social channels, you now have the ability to do just that! These marketing channels allow you to push through a list of your best customers and use elements of those customers to create a model and find others that look just like them. This not only decreases the amount of effort you need to put into creating new prospect segments, it also allows you to find highly relevant prospects that look just like your current and best customers.

Prioritize Landing Pages

Promote your Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals that link to dedicated landing pages. Having landing pages per ad will allow you to keep track of how your ad is doing and which offers are converting best. From here, you can market more effectively. You may want to turn off an ad that isn’t converting or perhaps replace the imagery or messaging of another ad. The insights are worth it itself! Not only is it great for you to see results, but landing pages create a deeper level of personalization for your prospects and customers.

Don’t Miss Out

Other marketing strategies to consider may be adding a countdown to create a sense of urgency and refresh your offers. However you choose to market this year, make sure it’s timely and you get your message out early and often. Inboxes will be getting hit hard; communicate to your customers multiple times to get the most out of your promotions.

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most profitable weekends of the year. Take advantage of attracting new, hopefully lifelong customers and promoting your products. If you’re taking part in these holiday shopping days, make sure to do your research. As mentioned, many companies start their sales earlier than Black Friday and have them last far after Cyber Monday is finished.

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